10 May
Media Weekly Times Biteriot 2017

Media Source: Weekly Times: Cherry and apple farming: Fiona and Bernard Hall from Orange grow for the future

By: NICOLA BELL, The Weekly Times, 

INVESTING in new technology and developing a branding and marketing strategy have allowed Fiona and Bernard Hall to grow their cherry and apple business.

This is despite significant industry contraction in their district and declining domestic apple consumption.

The couple are the owners of Caernarvon Cherry Co at Orange, in central west NSW, a cherry growing, packing and marketing operation, and the co-owners of Bonny Glen Fruits, along with Bernard’s brother, Tim Hall, growing and marketing apples.

“We can have cherries picked, packed and landed in South East Asia in 48 hours … Chile is our biggest competitor in cherries and they have to send theirs by sea freight,”

Fiona said.

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