BiteRiot! Cherries

Cherry season shed door sales are open! Sorry, no pick your own available

Nothing says summer in Australia like a brimming bowl full of lush, sweet cherries! BiteRiot! cherries commence early to mid-December and peak during the Christmas period, finishing off in early to mid-January.

What are your different varieties like?

Rons cherries or Ron’s Seedling cherries
Mid-season, popular and versatile cherry with slightly thick black skin and juicy deep red flesh. The large heart-shaped fruit is equally good fresh or cooked.
Bing cherries
Almost the iconic cherry – big, heart-shaped fruit with dark red skin and lovely firm ruby-red flesh. Eat them fresh or cooked, they are sweet and slightly rich, best late in the season.
Stella cherries
The Christmas cherry! Adorning many a table from mid-December, they’re medium to large, heart-shaped, dark red, with sweet and firm flesh.
Lapin cherries
These large ‘late bloomers’ are available mid-December to January and have dark red skin with golden-red flesh.
Sweetheart cherries
A late maturing medium sized fruit, mild and sweet with bright red skin.
Simone cherries
Similar to Lapin cherries.
Sweet Georgia cherries
A late maturing selection of Lapins, very similar in appearance and characteristics.
Regina cherries
Medium-large, heart-shaped fruit. Deep red skin and flesh with good flavour.
Kordia cherries
Another late season variety, with large, firm mahogany coloured fruit on very long stems. Excellent flavour and well suited to our cool climate.
Simcoe cherries
Fruiting in 2020 – stay tuned!