Our BiteRiot! Cherry Juice

BiteRiot! Cherry Juice has 17 x times
more antioxidants than red grapes!
It contains freshly cold-pressed cherries
& absolutely nothing else.
Packed with anti-oxidants naturally high
in Vitamin C & potassium.


Made from hand-picked, mountain-grown, sweet cherries from the central west of NSW Australia. The flavour of BiteRiot! is captured in a unique pasteurisation process that gives BiteRiot! Cherry Juice a two-year shelf life (unopened) at room temperature.

Learn about the health benefits

Cherry Juice is rich in flavonoids, a class of phytonutrients which are well regarded as having both anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It is high in anthocyanins the group of flavonoids which are sourced from fruits and vegetables that are abundant with natural red and blue colours. Anthocyanins are known to protect against Cardiovascular Disease, improve and prevent Hypertension, and are active in aiding Cognition and Memory. New research has found the bioactive compound anthocyanin can help reduce weight gain.

  • no added sugar, no added water, no added flavour
  • preservative free
  • not made from concentrate

Cherry juice may also:

  • provide relief from the symptoms of arthritis
  • provide relief from the symptoms of gout
  • support a healthy immune system [a natural detox]
  • support healthy cardiovascular function
  • support brain function, healthy sleep pattern, and oxygen radical absorption
  • aid muscle pain [anti-inflammatory properties]
  • help reduce weight gain

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