Our BiteRiot! and BiteMe! products

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The Apples

BiteRiot! apples are carefully nurtured from bud to blossom and are picked at the perfect time to deliver the best possible flavour, colour, and texture. We currently grow Kanzi, Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji & Crimson Snow varieties. Looking for apple variety taste descriptions and serving suggestions?


BiteRiot! Cherries

Our beautiful growing region brings warm, pleasant days, and nights with a fresh bite of chill. Perfect conditions for plump cherries with bright green stems, picked at peak time to guarantee a crisp and sweet burst of flavour. Varieties include Rons, Vans, Bing, Stella, Simcoe, Cordia, Sweet Georgia, Regina, Lapin, Sweethearts and Simone. What’s the difference in cherry varieties?


BiteRiot! Cherry Juice

Bite-Riot-Cherry-Juice-Clear-FM1_3304Delicious, healthy and sweet. What more could you want than our 100% Pure Cherry Juice? Get your daily dose of this superfood any way you like – be it simply chilled, or dressed up in a cheery cherry cocktail! What are the health benefits of cherry juice?