The BiteRiot! story

Our people

The Hall family have been growing world-class produce in the rich volcanic soils at the foot of Mt Canobolas for over 40 years. BiteRiot Operations based in Orange NSW are the leaders in creating an overarching brand for other premium producers in the area to join. BiteRiot Operations market some of Australia’s best apples and cherries which can now be found in supermarkets all over the world.

Our pickers are a total Riot! … want to join our team?

join Bite Riot team of pickers ?
Want to join our team of pickers ?

Our Apples


Apples are harvested from February to May. We handpick several varieties including Kanzi, Fuji, Pink Ladies, Royal Galas, Crimson Snow and Early Fuji. The trees are grown on rootstocks bud 9 to 106.

Our Cherries


Cherries are harvested from early to mid-December and peak during the Christmas period, finishing off in early to mid-January. Varieties include Rons, Vans, Bing, Stella, Supreme, Lapins and Sunburst. Our cherries are plump and crispy with bright green stems, picked at peak time to guarantee a crisp and sweet cherry.

Our Packhouse


The Apple & cherry packhouse have stringent quality control methods, to ensure only superior fruit is packed in the BiteRiot packaging.

The Packhouse may look like an enormous shed from the outside but inside it contains seven coolrooms used for CA (controlled atmosphere), a Smart Fresh room, apple packhouse and cherry packhouse.

How are cherries packed?

All cherries are hydro-cooled straight from the paddock, then water-flued in hydrated water at a temperature of no more that one degree Celsius.

How are apples packed?

The BiteRiot Operations apple packhouse incorporates the latest technology in software for camera colour sorting and operates for 10 months of the year.

Our Location

snowSituated in Central NSW, Orange is three hours west of Sydney.  The home of BiteRiot Operations is a beautiful and fertile part of the world between 1,000 and 1,100 metres above sea level with fantastic soil of rich volcanic origin, deep basalt-based.

It is, however, an area of mixed blessings as due to the elevation the orchards are particularly prone to excessive rain and some snow and frost. But farming wouldn’t be farming without a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck!

Visit Us


BiteRiot Operations has opened the shed and orchard up for public as part of the Orange Food & Wine Cellar door and farm gate program.

Visitors are welcomed during the apple harvest packing period from March to November, 8am to 4pm, (Monday to Friday). We are located at 448 Canobolas Rd, Orange. Please do not hesitate to give us a call to ensure we are packing apples on the day on you wish to visit.