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16 Feb
Fiona Hall

An apple a day may keep Alzheimer’s disease away!

An apple a day’ might keep dementia at bay. According to an international study the fruit is rich in chemicals that fuel neurons, improving learning and memory. Recent experiments on natural compounds found in apples and other fruits may help to stimulate the production of new brain cells, which could have implications for learning and memory, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Queensland, and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

08 Apr
Fiona Hall

Two apples a day keep heart disease away

The proverb on the benefits of eating an apple a day is nearly right, scientists have said. A study has found that two apples a day can do more to keep cholesterol down and lower the risk of heart disease. Researchers at the University of Reading said their work showed “clear cause and effect” between eating the fruit and health benefits. They found that apples are rich in fibre and in compounds called polyphenols, which can reduce so-called bad cholesterol and improve blood vessel function. The

Read in The Times of London:

04 Sep

Media source: APAL – Nets slim defence against flying foxes

NSW apple and cherry growers Bernard (pictured) and Fiona Hall began installing netting 17 years ago to protect against hail, birds and flying foxes.

By Jeanette Severs

Flying foxes are considered keystone species in the Australian landscape. However, they have significant impact on orchards – even with netting. Predation can result in 5-100 per cent production losses.

The urbanisation of coastal towns, supported by clearing of native vegetation, has led to flying foxes looking to orchards for food sources.

In a comprehensive assessment for the 2017 Raymond Terrace Flying-Fox Camp Management Plan, grey-headed and black flying foxes were found throughout eastern Australia, generally within 200km of the coast, and in Tasmania and South Australia. The report cited research showing … read more

13 May

Media source: Fresh Plaza – ‘AU: NSW exporters to benefit from regional freight airports plan’

A government plan to provide regional freight airports in NSW would halve the delivery time for produce grown in Orange, according to cherry grower Fiona Hall.

Mrs Hall has welcomed plans announced by deputy premier John Barilaro for an investigation into creating freight terminals.

She said if Orange Regional Airport was chosen it could reduce the time it took to “pick, pack and send” cherries and other fruit from Orange to key south-east Asian markets from 48-72 hours down to 24 hours.

“It is all about the timing of getting to the market before our competitors,” she said.

Currently, trucks take the fruit from the packing and processing shed on her property, Caernarvon, to Sydney airport. She said about 1300 tonnes of cherries were transported across the annual six-week cherry season bound for Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. …read more

07 Nov

Australia: BiteRiot! preparing to send cherries directly to the Chinese Market

The company produces premium apples and cherries in the Mount Canobolas district, west of Sydney. Owner Fiona Hall says ‘BiteRiot!’ is hoping to airfreight at least three shipments a week, and it will be a major boost not having to go through Hong Kong. BiteRiot! along with partner Vincent Chan of TopFruit have established a distribution facility in Guangzhou and Shanghai to service the e-commerce channels.

Read the full media release: Australia: BiteRiot! preparing to send cherries directly to the Chinese Market