10 May

Media Source: Weekly Times: Cherry and apple farming: Fiona and Bernard Hall from Orange grow for the future

Media Weekly Times Biteriot 2017

By: NICOLA BELL, The Weekly Times, 

INVESTING in new technology and developing a branding and marketing strategy have allowed Fiona and Bernard Hall to grow their cherry and apple business.

This is despite significant industry contraction in their district and declining domestic apple consumption.

The couple are the owners of Caernarvon Cherry Co at Orange, in central west NSW, a cherry growing, packing and marketing operation, and the co-owners of Bonny Glen Fruits, along with Bernard’s brother, Tim Hall, growing and marketing apples.

“We can have cherries picked, packed and landed in South East Asia in 48 hours  Chile is our biggest competitor in cherries and they have to send theirs by sea freight,”

Fiona said.

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05 Jan
Kira Brown

Media Source CWD: Chinese orchard owner plans more investment in Orange cherries

Orange orchard owner Vincent Chen with NSW Cherry Growers president Fiona Hall at her Caernarvon packing shed
EXPORT ENERGY: Orange orchard owner Vincent Chen with NSW Cherry Growers president Fiona Hall at her Caernarvon packing shed. Photo: PHIL BLATCH

Vincent Chen, the 33-year-old son of a ceramics company family, is leading the Chinese charge into the Orange cherry industry.

Mr Chen owns the Homeward Bound orchard in Nashdale and another near Mudgee and has plans to expand his operations in Orange.

A permanent resident, he exports and buys cherries from Orange and Tasmania for both the Hong Kong and mainland China markets.

He said he had spent “roughly a few million, two, three, four million” in Orange so far and was excited about the local prospects.

“For me it’s very interesting. Actually I want to invest more in this area because, like Tasmania you have already got the reputation and at this time if you go to Tasmania there is no chance anymore,”

he said.

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01 Dec
Kira Brown

Media source: news.com.au – Cherries in short supply before Christmas this year

By Olivia Lambert, news.com.au Dec 2016

OUR Aussie Christmas could be about to change as we know it. We might not get to eat one of our favourite foods this year.

We are in the midst of a cherry crisis, with the stoned fruit expected to cost an extra $5 a kilogram this season.

Coles has issued an apology, telling customers rain had caused cherries to swell and split, and would have a limited supply. Woolworths is currently selling cherries for almost $20 a kilo and charging $7 for punnets.

NSW Cherry Growers’ Association president Fiona Hall said the season was running about two weeks behind, meaning it will be a scramble to get bulk cherries on supermarket shelves before Christmas.

She told news.com.au crops were down about 50 or 60 per cent because of wet weather during the growing season. Demand is at an all time high during December, with the fruit a symbol for Christmas in Australia.

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27 May

Kanzi Apples


We’re loving the new varieties that are coming onto the market and have spent the past few years preparing our Kanzi apples for production. We hope you get to enjoy one soon!


23 Mar
Kira Brown

Media Source: Financial Review – Cherries and stonefruit in demand by Asia but access and quarantine issues plague the industry

By: Emily Parkinson,  Financial Review Mar 23, 2016 

Despite the promise of FTAs there can be hold-ups in getting some produce into markers.

Free Trade Agreements may have opened up lucrative export markets in Asia for producers of premium Australian produce but, for some, the rewards will have to wait.

Australian cherry and stonefruit exporters are enjoying red-hot demand in markets like China and Korea but lengthy quarantine and access issues have taken some of the shine off the upside of recent FTA’s.

Montague Fresh, one of the country’s top three apple and stonefruit producers, is keen to start shipping peaches, plums and nectarines into its biggest market, China, but is still waiting on quarantine clearance:

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