05 Jun
Fiona Hall

5 Reasons to Love Cherries

They won the hearts of dignitaries, royalty and noblemen. From China to the United States, cherries have been celebrated for centuries since arriving with the settlers during the 1600s. Cherries symbolize productivity, happiness and joy in some cultures. The Chinese believed that cherries are a sign of immortality. The Greeks often wrote about using cherries as a diuretic. However, cherries have more than a rich history and are more than a symbol! The tiniest of the fruits is nature’s own little anti-inflammatory pill and is fast becoming a shining star on the health circuit. They can decrease strokes, heart attacks, assist with insomnia and may fight cancer. Cherries also help with joint pain and with headaches. Pretty neat for such a tiny fruit that has only 100 calories per cup. Nature really hooked us up with this powerful fruit. Here are 5 reasons to fall in love with cherries.